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Buy conventional, cash or use our seller financing that has no income or credit requirements. Learn about our options to invest using your IRA/401(k), 1031 exchange to avoid taxes, HELOC/lines of credit, etc. Our success as real estate investors is only limited by our creativeness, and utilization of our resources!




Current properties for sale in some of our best markets.Turn Key properties: Fully renovated, tenants in place w/ a team to manage every aspect!




Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss investment goals, strategy and opportunities regardless of your experience.




Everyone in place you need to succeed! Attorneys, CPAs, Lenders, Prop Managers, Ins Providers, etc. Self directed IRA/401K advice, 1031, Retirement & Strategic Investment Planning!

I would fully recommend working with Rent To Retirement/Zach for anyone who is looking for guidance in building a passive income portfolio. Zach is an experienced investor himself, so he knows what works, and what doesn't. I've bought nine properties so far in numerous markets (all through Zach's company or affiliates). It's been pretty much a hands off experience. The management company only contacts me to get approval for larger repairs or something they need my input on. Most my tenants have stayed for multiple years so my vacancy is very low. I think this is a product of investing in the better quality neighborhoods. I like working with Zach because of his professionalism and attention to detail. He has all the right people in place to help you successfully, and painlessly build a passive income portfolio. He's connected me with accountants, attorneys, insurance providers, prop managers, rehabbers, etc. to help me plan my retirement. He has lots of knowledge on creative deal structuring as well if that is something you're exploring. Overall I give him a 5-star recommendation, and plan to continue to invest with him for years to come!
Eric Nguyen, Experienced Investor
For someone that is new to the business and pursuing medical school at the same time, I can assure you I had my fair share of questions. I nagged the crap out of Zach with emails in the middle of the night sometimes. He always responded with professionalism and accuracy. This is what you need if you are young and inexperienced. You want people like Zach to answer you and bring you the deals that will take you the next level.

I have already bought one property with Zach and his colleagues and I am looking for another one in the area. This would not be possible as a medical student if it wasn't for Zach and his team.

And to you Zach, thank you for your professionalism, honesty and teamwork mentality.

Yuvraj Singh, Newbie Investor
I've purchased 3 homes through RentToRetirement and I'm currently working on my 4th! I've had nothing but good experiences working with Zach, and all those associated with his company! He helped me make a clear investment strategy to fit my goals, and then found the rental properties that fit my criteria. All the rentals have been pretty much hands-off! I just look forward to receiving a check each month! You need the right people on your team to be successful, and I would say Zach is essential for anyone looking to achieve consistent passive income in the right markets & right neighborhoods!
Riley Schaefer, Part Time Investor looking to Build Passive Income for Early Retirement!
Zach has helped us out tremendously with our investment goals and strategy! He first introduced us to wholesaling to build extra capital to buy rentals with. My husband & I were able to complete two wholesale deals within the first 60 days, netting us around $20K. We are now working with Zach to develop a plan to acquire enough rental properties to replace our active income, and retire on our terms. Oh, and we are also house hacking to add another rental to our portfolio. I can truly give Zach the highest recommendation to anyone that works with him! He is very knowledgeable about many areas of investing, and is prompt to follow up on any questions we had. I am confident that with his help, we will achieve our goals of building passive income to live the lifestyle we desire!
Mila Rogers, Newer Investor Ready to Take Action!
I am currently in the process of purchasing 2 SFR turn-key properties from
Zach. He has guided/mentored me and most importantly given me the confidence to purchase my first out of state rental property. He he also helping me use my IRA funds from purchase a second property. I have full confidence in is guidance and look forward working with him in the future. So I can rent to retire within 6-8 years.
Anthony, IRA/401(k) Real Estate Investor
As my local real estate is way too expensive to get started & cash flow, I began to look into markets where it made more sense. I came across Zach who helped educate me on what it takes to buy out of state. He was very transparent, responsive and knowledgeable! We feel fortunate to have him on our team, as we've already learned so much working with him. With a boosted confidence we purchased two out of state rentals almost a year ago. They are going great with only the occasional maintenance item. Zach is now assisting us to use our self-directed IRA to purchase our 3rd property, and to be closer to achieving our investment goals! It is clear that with Zach's assistance in purchasing turnkey properties, we are setting the foundation for a long & successful investing career! I would encourage new & seasoned investors alike to work with him!
Brooke Andrea, Relationship: Out of State Investor. Written 02 Aug 09:04
Zach has been a great mentor to me. He has given me some great advice and strategies to help me build my real estate portfolio within the Memphis, TN market. Zach really explained to me how to tap into various methods to refinance a rental property and tap into the equity to invest into your next property. He has opened my eyes to see that real estate investing is the ideal way to financial freedom. I'm now looking to purchase two rental property this year using strategies that I learn form Zach.... thanks for the encouragement, motivation, and knowledge.
Lynn Smith , Relationship: Mentor/Coach/Business. Written 06 Jul 10:04
I am working with Zach on acquiring my first investment property. I have found Zach to be very knowledgable, helpful, direct, and reliable. He has connected me with other real estate professionals and helped me locate investment properties. I look forward to continuing to work with Zach on this investment and on future ones as well.
Andrew Kline, Relationship: See reference statement. Written 10 Jul 15:19
Zach is a great candidate for anyone looking to purchase their first turnkey rental property. He made the process very easy to understand and made sure I was taken care of from the start. I would highly recommend working with him as I certainly will again in the future.
Abed Asghar , Relationship: I was his client. Written 12 Oct 10:11
I used Zach for my fist rental property purchase ever (in ohio) and he was kind enough to guide me through the entire process and even provided me with possible alternative financing solutions. He made the process very easy
by making himself available to answer all of my questions and the process was very transparent. Thanks Zach!
Richard Rodriguez , Relationship: Rental Investment . Written 01 Nov 06:43
When I first stumbled upon Bigger Pockets about 1 month ago, I was a like a little fishy in an ocean full of experienced investors and a sea of knowledge. I didn't know where to begin and I was in fact, quite nervous and lost like the rest of us newbies! When I saw Zach's name come across a list of reputable members, I remember screaming to my husband in excitement, ``Honey, It's Zach! Our optometry friend that we met at a meeting a few years back!!!`` What a small world it is indeed. I reached out to Zach instantly and in about a day we were on the phone just casually catching up and chatting about my real estate goals. He is not only smart and caring (because he is an optometrist!) - he is also very genuine in his desire to help. At first, like any newbie investor, I was drawn to the C class properties (because of the low price), Zach recommended that I focus my attention on B class properties and above, to help minimize my risks, since I am a new and out of state investor. Zach also has so many connections! He connected me to different turnkey providers as well as lenders to get my search started. I haven’t secured a property just yet, but Zach reaches out to me regularly and is always available to text/chat when I need his advice. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with moving forward with any purchase without having him look at the numbers. If you are looking for someone that you can trust that has multiple connections at his fingertips, you will be well taken cared of with Zach by your side!
Julie Phan, Relationship: Newbie Investor. Written 18 Sep 16:04
I saw Zach highlighted on a bigger pockets deal of the day and recognized in him a good investor and someone who really understands the system. I decided to get in touch with him and i am so glad that i did. Zach spent a number of calls and emails advising me on creative options for me to put a deal together including, analyzing property options, hard money lending and refinancing. Thanks to his advice, genuine willingness to help me and patience, we have been able to line up an amzazing oppotunity for my next investment!
He knows his game, has excellent customer service and is genuinely willing to help new investors even though he has thousands of potential investors for his turnkey investment properties. I hope to work more with him and bring other investors to him for larger deals too.
Simon Zacks , Relationship: Adviser and turnkey investment provider. Written 26 Sep 10:26
I found Zach Lemaster (, through the Bigger Pockets marketplace. My husband and I had decided to sell our SFR in Arizona and we needed to take advantage of the 1031 exchange so that we could keep all our profit and place it in more investment properties. But where to find those next investments? That's where I saw an ad Zach had on Bigger Pockets. We called him and he jumped right in to help and started hooking us up with other companies in Ohio and Alabama that had turnkey properties for sale, exactly what my husband and I were looking for. We are currently in the process of purchasing THREE new rental homes through Zach and his contacts with our 1031 exchange money. Zach has always extremely prompt to get back to my emails and phone calls. He is so knowledgeable and really helped us with our first 1031 exchange. We are so grateful to him and his contacts for helping us move forward in our investment journey! I would highly recommend him as a key player in helping you along in your own investment journey!
Holly Baldwin, Relationship: Investor / Buyer. Written 30 Oct 13:31
i'am really happy with Zach and I am looking forward to working with him and his group again! He got me into a great property using creative financing, and was able to close in record time. We've spent a great deal of time on the phone discussing investment strategy and how to best build my passive income portfolio to eventually achieve financial independence. Zach is very knowledgeable and has always made time to take my calls and address all my questions thoroughly! I'm looking forward to using more creative financing to keep things rolling 530-848-4415
Christopher Heras , Relationship: Purchased Rental. Written 29 Sep 13:06
I am new to real estate in the USA and my primary goal was to work with someone who could guide me through what i needed to do. I am a UK citizen and wanted to find someone in the US that I could build a solid relationship and trust with.
Along came Zach………….at first I had my doubts as to what he could deliver and the support I could receive from this individual because I have been shown the same gratitude from various people who said that they can do this and they can do that and yet no one has delivered other than cheap talk.
Zach has been very patient with me and has spent his time to provide me with answers to my questions and have been very satisfied with the level of support from him. He has never demanded a cent up front for services and is a straight shooter. I have purchased a property off him and being a foreign national from UK, he has provided me with a property with financing in place which was a priority rather than buying out right.
Everything has come together as it should do and I am very pleased so far with the results. The proof will be in the pudding when I get a tenant for my home. This to me is very important because it’s a complete package, which I can truly put my hand on heart and say that this was well worth doing with Zach and his contacts. It has eliminated time constraints in looking for professional services as Zach has always responded to any questions and this to me is a valuable source of friendship and business.
You might be reading this and think that I am a person who is affiliated with Zach and I can assure you that I am NOT!!!
If you need to get in touch with me, please feel free to email me at to gain information on how I am doing with Zach and Co.
Sunil Chauhan, Relationship: UK Investor. Written 21 Nov 03:41
I recently worked with Zach to purchase an out of state property. He has an efficient process and handles all the details. Shortly after my purchase, the tenant failed to pay rent on time. Zach's after sales support is excellent, he worked with my property management company to quickly resolve the issue. I look forward to working with him again soon.
David Henry , Relationship: Turnkey investment provider. Written 02 Jan 22:14
Would like to say a big thanks to Zach and his team for assisting us with breaking into the US market as a foreign investor.
Zach was superb during the process of us acquiring a great 6 package deal through rent to retirement. He helped us finance the deal and negotiated a great down payment with us as well.
He explained how the deal would work, assisted us with pictures, explained parts of the contract that were foreign to us, and introduced us to his networks including helping us to organise property management and insurance.
We would sincerely like to thank Zach and his team and i look forward to working with him again, and I would highly recommend him as an Australian investor.
Sarah Singh , Relationship: Client of Rent to Retirement. Written 27 Jan 04:16
I worked with Zach earlier this year to purchase my first out of state investment property. Zach and his team are very knowledgeable and respond promptly. I had many questions come up throughout the process and Zach was able direct me in the right direction. If you're looking to team up with someone who know's real estate, works hard, and is consistent with leading you in the right direction- Zach and the Renttoretirement team is a great option for you.
Matt Jordahl , Relationship: Client/investor/mentor. Written 13 May 07:15
I worked with Zach earlier this year to purchase my first out of state investment property. Zach and his team are very knowledgeable and respond promptly. I had many questions come up throughout the process and Zach was able direct me in the right direction. If you're looking to team up with someone who know's real estate, works hard, and is consistent with leading you in the right direction- Zach and the Renttoretirement team is a great option for you.
Matt Jordahl , Relationship: Client/investor/mentor. Written 13 May 07:15
Being very interested in investing in real estate, my wife and I basically came to a point where we realized we were just putting off investing. Probably because of the unknown. We eventually came across Zach and his team, and thought, this might be the time. Zach has maintained not only great amounts of communication, he’s also provided us with huge amounts of knowledge which gives us the confidence to move forward with purchases. So far we’ve bought two properties which Zach did an amazing job for us to break that hurdle. We are very thankful for the work and time he has put in for just us. I’m sure he is doing the same for many others just like my wife and I. Can’t wait for more to happen in the future.
Daniel Reasons , Relationship: He is our mentor. Written 26 May 20:34
Firstly, big THANKS to Zach for all the help!
I am passionate about RE Investment and I found this great forum last year and got in touch with Zach. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and very pateiently to try to understand my goal, explain the program, process, and help me to identify the properties for me. He responds quickly to my inquiries and questions (VERY CRITICAL for remote RE investment!!). I was able to acquire 3 off-market rentals ``remotely`` through his helps and his financing recommendation to fund the deal. I am excited to the succesful take-off of these three properties.
I look forward to work with Zach on creative financing future deals that builds from the initial three deals.
Highly recommend to any new or experienced RE investors to team up with Zach to realize your REI goal!
Viq Chen , Relationship: Client / Investor. Written 31 May 11:28
I found Zach through BP about 6 months ago. I am an out of country investor, looking to find some buy&hold properties. I spoke with a lot of different groups mentioned on BP (Norada, SpartanInvest, etc), but settled on Zach for a couple reasons. He explained everything to me like I was a 5 year old (upon my request!), and he didn’t try to overpromise on anything. While the other groups probably would have worked out fine, I just felt comfortable with Zach’s approach.
The process was fairly painless. He sent over a few links to inventory that he is marketing, and I kept researching the areas and reviewing the links every few days. He put me in contact with a lender that I also felt comfortable with. After a couple months, I found the right SFH and put it under contract. At that point Zach handed off the details to the turn key provider (AWB in Birmingham). There were a few small hiccups here and there, but Zach was there to step in and get things settled immediately.
The house appraised for a bit above the purchase price, and the loan closed on Feb 19. I put a renter in the house in June. We eventually lowered the rent $55/month from the expected rent ($1,350 to 1,295), which I am ok with, but was quite frustrating at the time. I continue to monitor properties for rent in the area, and I feel that if I was a bit more patient or did a few exterior cosmetic fixes (trim trees, etc) then I could have got the $1,350.
Overall, I think Zach is a great guy to work with and I would definitely recommend him for a 1st time out of state REI.
Justin Peverini , Relationship: Client 2018. Written 08 Jun 04:33
This thank you is long over do. I enjoyed working with your team. You have people that enjoy their jobs and make it easier for a new investor as myself to purchase property. I really enjoyed the process and look forward to doing this again.
Thank You so much
Julio Silva
Julio Silva , Relationship: Purchased Property from. Written 04 Sep 10:18
Zach was extremely informative from our first call and email to closing. Zach continues to follow up with me to ensure the property and process has gone smoothly. He was instrumental in getting me my first deal and making it a smooth process. I plan to invest with Zach and his team again in the future and would recommend Zach to anyone! He is transparent and honest in doing business and provides all the information you could ask for.
Nick Bundzinski , Relationship: Worked with Zach on my first deal. . Written 24 Sep 09:30
As a first time rental property investor, Zach was very patient and helped walk me through the whole process from start to finish. I'd recommend Zach and RentToRetirement to anyone wanting to begin or increase their rental portfolio with as little headache as possible!
Jason Ogle , Relationship: Investor/Client. Written 16 Jan 17:18
While I have been following Zach and his work for last last two years, we just closed our first deal together. Zach and his team did a nice job partnering throughout the process. They were responsive, polite, and professional. I look forward to positive cash flows and diversifying my portfolio with Zach in the future.
Luke Weaver , Relationship: Customer of Zach's. Written 28 Nov 17:41
My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Zach to find some out of state rental properties. Zach was very helpful and informative as well as being responsive to calls and emails. We hope to work with him again soon as we look to expand our portfolio over time.
Graham Todd , Relationship: We bought several rentals from a company Zach referred. . Written 28 Nov 18:58
I found Zach through a video on BiggerPockets. Zach had a great deal in the video so I emailed him to ask if he had more deals like the one in the video. He and I talked on the phone and chatted through email and within a couple of weeks I had five great properties under contract. This is my first time purchasing real estate and and although I was determined to see it through every ripple in the pond feels like a tsunami when it's the first time. Zach has been there every step of the way and always had an intelligent, easy to understand, patiently delivered answer to the excessive amount of questions I've asked along the way (day and night, seven days a week). If you are someone who is just starting your journey and is unsure of every step Zach is your guy. From start to finish, contract to close, and even long term strategy after the sale, you are covered. Experienced investors will find excellent deals as well. His help has been invaluable. I will continue to do business with him in the future. Can't recommend him highly enough!
Colby Gaspard , Relationship: Client/Investor. Written 19 Jan 14:31
I've worked with Zach's team for a couple years now and things are going very well. I've bought properties in multiple states, and now I'm focusing in OH. So far I've only experienced one vacancy, which was turned around in less than month so in terms of management I would say things are very efficient. As we all know management is key for long term success! The thing I've enjoyed the most is spending a good amount of time strategic planning with Zach on how to best achieve my passive income goals, and at this point I can honestly say that I will surpass my initial goals! Big thanks to Zach and everyone on his team! I can recommend them to anyone, and they are top notch in the turnkey world of real estate investing in my book!
Danny Randolph , Relationship: Investor on multiple turnkey properties. Written 12 Dec 19:52
Zach is amazing. From the moment I started interacting with him, I could tell he knew his stuff. He has a massive depth of knowledge and is always willing to patiently share it with me. The thing that sold me on him was that he was willing to spend many hours prior to our first deal helping me get comfortable with the whole turnkey process. He charged nothing for sharing his wealth of knowledge. He genuinely cares about helping people achieve financial independence. He is always patient, thorough, and professional. I cannot recommend Zach enough.
Carter Jones , Relationship: I'm an investor being mentored by Zach. Written 31 Dec 15:53
Zach makes investing in single family rentals as easy as possible. So far I've bought 2 nicely cash flowing rental homes from him and I plan on buying 30 more! He is very knowledgeable in different real estate investment strategies. He is very prompt to reply also. Could I get better deals? Probably but that would require a lot of effort on my part. Zachs deals leave some meat on the bone for some instant equity and they cash flow with double digit returns! His deals are as turnkey as you can find. Most of all he is honest and fair.
Daniel Podgorski , Relationship: Buyer/investor. Written 23 Jan 22:40

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