Quitting Optometry to Build a 70+ Unit Turnkey Rental Empire

Zach Lemaster on The BiggerPockets Podcast – Episode 626

Hosted by David Greene and Rob Abasolo

Turnkey rental properties have become a fan favorite for rookie real estate investors and investors who don’t have enough time to manage their rehabs and rental properties. Turnkey real estate is marketed as a way for real estate investors to buy a rehabbed property, often with tenants and management in place, leaving them with just rent checks to collect. One company, Rent To Retirement, has become one of the most popular places to find turnkey investment properties—and for a good reason.

Behind the helm is Zach Lemaster, former optometrist, and current real estate investor. After going through eight years of school, Zach was left with six figures in student loan debt and a job that required him to be on-site for the majority of his waking hours. Like most new real estate investors, Zach had hit a breaking point and realized he needed something else that could provide him income, without the time commitment.

After shelling out a large sum on a wholesaling course, Zach began using his assignment fee profits and salary from his job to buy rental properties. Every year he would buy more and more rentals, allowing him to finally scale into what he calls “turnkey commercial” (triple net) properties that give him sizable rent checks without any of the management headaches. Zach has a real estate investing path worth repeating, and he explains how he did all of it in this episode.

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