Join Rent To Retirement’s Founder and CEO, Zach Lemaster, as he sits down with Liz Faircloth. Liz is a co-founder of InvestHER, a real estate investment platform geared towards women that cultivates deeper connections while creating generational wealth.

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From InvestHER’s Website:
“Andresa and Liz met in 2014 through the Bigger Pockets network and started having monthly meetings to support each other’s businesses. At some point they asked themselves, “Where are women like us are going to connect deeper with other investors and get support to take their businesses to the next level”?

Their goal was to build a portfolio on their own terms and, after not finding a platform that provided a holistic approach, they started a mastermind with six powerful women located in four different states. During that period their relationship grew and in 2016 they started partnering in rehabs and new construction projects. They started their podcast in 2018, and after being told they would “out of women” to interview, began interviewing successful women in Real Estate around the world.

In 2019, they realized women needed and wanted more and founded The Real Estate InvestHER®. Since then, they have helped hundreds to women to connect to one another, align their goals with the lifestyle they want to live and take their business to the next level while building generational wealth.”

Liz (left) & Andresa (right)

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