Ep 111 – Flipping Homes Like a Pro | with Lifeonaire’s Steve Cook

The BRRRR (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat) method of investing is one of the most talked about forms of real estate investing. It gets the TV shows, it gets the media coverage, but how do you do it right and scale it?

Adam Schroeder talks with Steve Cook, founder of Lifeonaire, about the ways people can successfully get into the house flipping industry, what they should be focusing on while doing their flips, and how to end up living the life they desire.
Steve is the host of the Lifeonaire Show, and bestselling author of Lifeonaire: An Uncommon Approach to Wealth, Success, and Prosperity, WHOLESALING FOR QUICK CASH: A Real Life Guide to Flipping Homes, and FLIPPING HOMES LIKE A PRO.

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