Everyone desires to have a sustainable lifestyle for sure. Wouldn’t it be nice to be living life on your terms? But, is it even possible to get some skin in the game as a real estate investor? Join us this week as we discuss with Zach Lemaster about the fundamentals of real estate, its benefits and more! You’ll also discover how to design and achieve your own definition of success. Zach is passionate in creating realistic lifestyles that each person desires by the means of real estate. You will not want to miss this one! Key Takeaways:

Fundamentals of real estate always hold true and bring back why to invest in the first place. How does inflation play out in the marketplace due to the current economic situation? Inflation could be an adversary rather than having your money just sit on the bank. What does turnkey property mean? Important consideration when making investments or buying properties. Being realistic in yourself makes you successful. Top tips in creating financial freedom through property investments. Pro’s and Con’s of single and multi-family assets.