Collecting Keys Podcast Episode 45
Imagine being able to invest in properties and create a diversified portfolio where your mortgage and living expenses are paid for by the rent paid on each property. It is essentially passive income, and sounds like a dream. This dream is possible, and there are many that are getting involved in creating wealth through buying to rent properties. To make things better, you can buy homes that are ready to rent the moment the keys are turned over to you, which are appropriately named, turnkey properties. This way you can start earning rent the moment you have possession. This is something Zach Lemaster realized was a lucrative business and decided to dive head first into the real estate business after leaving his career as an optometrist and former air force pilot. Zach is so passionate about helping others create wealth through turnkey properties just as he has, that he wants to share how he did it and offer information on how you can get involved on our podcast today. Tune in to hear how you can start to build the life of your dreams!

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Topics discussed in this episode:
Zach’s background and how he got into real estate
Optimal demographic Zach works with
How Zach went from being an investor to a turnkey provider
How Zach picked a remote market
Maintaining quality when working with multiple partners
Who is the ideal avatar for Zach’s business
Capacity to help with cost seg for single family home vs. commercial
Advice on where to start when buying a house
How Zach has done well in this competitive business
Zach’s craziest real estate story
When Zach realized his success in real estate
Summary of build to rent

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