Ep 153 – Rebelling Against Wall Street | with Chris Reid

We’ve heard since our youth that investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc is the way to diversify and move yourself towards retirement. That it’s the “safe” way to protect and grow your wealth.

But is that really true? There are much better ways to invest that will likely leave you in better financial straits when you’re ready to retire than it would if you were to invest the way the masses do. 

Is your plan really to make less money and hope you’re taxed less? Or are you wanting to retire with more money and find ways to pay less tax in the meantime?

Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk with Chris Reid about how he’s seeing the investment market today and ways you can potentially set yourself up for success.

Learn More About Chris or Schedule a Call: www.RentToRetirement.com/meet-the-team

Check out Chris’ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@honestadvisor

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