Ep 170 – State of Banks in 2023 & Note Investing | with Abby Shemesh

The banking industry saw some pretty negative news earlier this year, causing many people to panic and think we are on our way back to 2008.

Adam Schroeder talks with Abby Shemesh, co-founder, Senior Managing Member & Chief Acquisitions Officer at Amerinote Xchange, about what’s happening and how people can consider starting to add note investing to their portfolio.

Abby has been operating within the primary and secondary mortgage markets for over two decades and his background lies in residential and commercial mortgage loan origination. He made the full transition into the secondary market and whole-loan acquisitions realm in early 2006. As an experienced debt-investor, Abby is also one of the expert contributors on the world of private note trading for Cash Flow Exclusive e-magazine.

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