Ep 177 – How to Make, Keep, and Grow Your Money Using the ‘Holy Grail of Real Estate’ to Achieve Financial Independence | with Chris Larsen

Achieving financial independence is something everyone strives for. There are many paths, but eventually most people’s goal is to get out of the rat race and do what they love doing with their time. 

Chris Larsen is no exception. After achieving great success in business he took a new path to success. Now he’s the proud owner of an investment most people don’t even consider: car washes. This little considered investment is something he’s able to get into without competing with the major Wall Street money and create a niche for himself that generates substantial (relatively) passive income.

Zach Lemaster and Adam Schroeder talk with Chris about his journey, how investing in car washes work, and how you actually run due diligence on an investment like this.

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