Zach Lemaster is a successful real estate investor, licensed broker, and Founder and CEO of Rent to Retirement. He began investing in real estate while working as an Optometrist & Captain for the US Air Force and eventually retired early from his career in medicine to become a professional investor. Zach has an extensive portfolio of rental properties across multiple markets, including single-family, multifamily, commercial, and new construction. He is a published industry expert in real estate market analytics and has been featured in numerous national media outlets, such as Forbes, USA Today, Fox News, and NBC. Zach is also passionate about educating others on the many benefits of real estate investing and how to use it as a means to create the desired lifestyle for their families.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Zach and his wife have been able to not only cover their expenses but live a life they love without a W2
  • What kind of investor typically looks to invest in turn-key real estate
  • How Zach helps his clients build a sustainable portfolio long term
  • What the average hold time is for most of Zach’s investors
  • Why people need to be conscious about what the markets are doing and what other opportunities are out there
  • What you should do if you’d like to get involved with creative real estate deals