Zach Lemaster on the InvestHER Webinar – Hosted by InvestHER’s Liz Faircloth

By Rent To Retirement | August 2, 2022

Join Rent To Retirement’s Founder and CEO, Zach Lemaster, as he sits down with Liz Faircloth. Liz is a co-founder of InvestHER, a real estate investment platform geared towards women that cultivates deeper connections while creating generational wealth. Watch the webinar by CLICKING HERE From InvestHER’s Website:“Andresa and Liz met in 2014 through the Bigger…

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Turnkey Investing – Interview with Zach Lemaster on The Everyday Real Estate Investor Podcast

By Rent To Retirement | June 28, 2022

In this week’s episode, I sit down with owner of Rent To Retirement, Zach Lemaster to talk all things turnkey investing. Listen in to learn how Zach got into real estate in the first place, how he and his wife replaced their income with their real estate business, and learn from some of the mistakes…

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How Turnkey Rentals Can Help You Build Real Estate Riches Faster

By Rent To Retirement | June 23, 2022

Quitting Optometry to Build a 70+ Unit Turnkey Rental Empire Zach Lemaster on The BiggerPockets Podcast – Episode 626 Hosted by David Greene and Rob Abasolo Turnkey rental properties have become a fan favorite for rookie real estate investors and investors who don’t have enough time to manage their rehabs and rental properties. Turnkey real estate is marketed…

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Zach talks Stock Market vs. Real Estate with Keith Weinhold

By Rent To Retirement | May 31, 2022

Zach Lemaster recently went on the Get Rich Education podcast to discuss the pros and cons of owning “Build-To-Rent” new construction income properties, and how it takes patience during the build process.

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The Cash Flow Investor with Kevin Bupp

By Adam Schroeder | April 29, 2022

Zach Lemaster recently went on Kevin Bupp’s podcast The Cash Flow Investor, to discuss the build to rent phenomenon, single family homes, his own journey in real estate, and more!

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