Ep 131 – Should I Buy Down My Rate? How Much Is Too Much?

By Rent To Retirement | December 8, 2022

For the last few months investors have HAD to pay some amount of points on their loan to get their loan. Thankfully, this has mostly ended, but paying points can still make a lot of sense. Adam Schroeder breaks down when it makes sense to pay points, when you should hold off, and what things…

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Ep 130 – Realistic Returns in Today’s Environment | with Cori Zigman

By Rent To Retirement | December 5, 2022

The Covid interest rates and rent increases have led to many investors expecting things like 10% cash-on-cash returns for new construction and 15+% cash-on-cash returns for rehabbed properties. Those numbers, historically, haven’t been available (and aren’t likely to be available again any time soon at least). Adam Schroeder and Cori Zigman look at what returns…

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Ep 129 – How to Get Checkbook Control of Your 401k Rollover Money Now | with Damion Lupo

By Rent To Retirement | November 29, 2022

Saving for retirement certainly sounds good, but how much control do you have over what you can actually invest in with your accounts? Adam Schroeder talks with Damion Lupo, founder & CEO of eQRP, about how to invest with retirement funds and take full advantage of the opportunities allowed with them. Damion is host of…

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Ep 128 – Getting Started with Life Insurance | with Chris Reid

By Rent To Retirement | November 24, 2022

You’ll never be younger, healthier, or more insurable than you are right now. Adam Schroeder and Chris Reid discuss utilizing life insurance as either a wealth building or investment tool. They dive into how to get started, what are important aspects to consider when setting up your account, ensuring you’re getting the best option available,…

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Ep 127 – Finding & Vetting Syndication Deals | with Matt and Vincent

By Rent To Retirement | November 21, 2022

Syndications are probably the most passive real estate investing you can take part in. But, like all investments, there are good syndications and there are bad syndications.  Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk with Matt and Vicente about how to find and vet syndication deals, as well as what you can expect while you’re actually…

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Ep 126 – How to Make Better Decisions with Your Short Term Rental | with Shawn Moore

By Rent To Retirement | November 17, 2022

Operating your short term rental in the middle with everyone else can mean your returns are minimal and you’re leaving money on the table. When you can get in the top 15% your returns increase significantly, and if you can make it into the top 1-5% you’re doing incredibly well. How you get there, however,…

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Ep 125 – Why You Need a Real Estate Savvy CPA

By Rent To Retirement | November 13, 2022

All taxes are not created equal. The degree of difficulty for your taxes is going to take a substantial jump when you start adding real estate into the mix. Just like taxes, not all CPAs are created equal. Not many CPAs take the time to learn the ins and outs of real estate tax benefits…

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Ep 124 – How to Analyze, Standardize and Maximize Your Home Inspection Report | with Josh Jensen

By Rent To Retirement | November 10, 2022

Home inspections are one of the least standardized parts in the home purchase process. You could get something that looks great, is online, and well laid out for you. Or you could end up with a sheet of paper with check marks saying things were good. The discrepancy from one inspector to another is incredible.…

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Ep 123 – Using Creative Financing to Scale Your Real Estate Portfolio | with Chris Prefontaine

By Rent To Retirement | November 6, 2022

Scaling your portfolio after you’ve used your capital you’ve saved up is a challenge to every investor out there. There are ways to continue acquiring properties and getting rental income, but it’s a more active investment.  Zach Lemaster is joined by Chris Prefontaine to discuss how investors can take charge of their investing journey during…

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Ep 122 – How to Raise Capital 101 | with David Dubeau

By Rent To Retirement | November 3, 2022

Capital is the limiting factor for every real estate investor. Eventually we all run out of money, so if you want to keep going when you’re out of cash, other people’s money (OPM) is a logical next step. Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster are joined by Dave Dubeau, host of the How to Raise Capital…

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