Ep 146 – What Is An All In One Loan and How Can You Use it to Improve Your Real Estate Investing?

By Rent To Retirement | January 30, 2023

There are many different types of loans available for investors. Whether it’s conventional, DSCR, non-recourse, interest only, or any other type, one thing you rarely hear about is the All in One loan.  Cori Zigman and Zach Lemaster talk with Harrison and Adam from CMG Home Loans explain the process and how investors can best…

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Ep 145 – Investing in Multifamily Properties: Metrics to Consider, Setting Up Management & Interesting Markets with Rama Krishna

By Rent To Retirement | January 26, 2023

For investors looking to invest in multifamily instead of single family, it’s a different journey. There are similarities, but a whole lot of differences as well. Adam Schroeder talks with Rama Krishna, Founder of Usha Capital Group, host of the podcast, “Multifamily AP360 (Earlier – Creating Wealth through Passive Apartment Investing), and author of the…

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Ep 144 – What Is Rent Ready & Where’s the Inventory?

By Rent To Retirement | January 23, 2023

There’s a difference between rent ready and retail ready, and knowing it will go a long way to making sure that you’re buying a rental property that’s going to make sense. Going overboard on finishes and materials will eat into your profits and could very well turn it into a deal that gets negative cash…

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Ep 143 – How to Properly Manage a Mobile Home Park | with Open Door Capital’s Sydney Barker

By Rent To Retirement | January 19, 2023

Mobile home parks are one of the asset classes that have boomed in popularity over the last 5 years or so. What was once an obscure investment has now become quite mainstream (at least among investors). Purchasing and managing those properties, however, still has a bit of a steep learning curve. Adam Schroeder talks with Sydney…

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Ep 142 – Save Yourself Money & Sanity with a Yearly Walkthrough

By Rent To Retirement | January 16, 2023

Once your tenant is in place you have very little insight into what’s going on at your investment property. Sure, you’ll hear when a maintenance request is put in, but what’s going on outside of that request that might need your attention? How can you be sure that you’re going to end up with your…

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Ep 141 – 5 Crucial Team Members for Real Estate Success

By Rent To Retirement | January 12, 2023

Your real estate business needs employees. They may not be W-2 employees, but they’re people working for you nonetheless. Who are these people and how do you find them? Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster dive into just that topic today. Listen in as the two explain exactly who you need to be searching for, the…

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Ep 140 – How Will You Succeed in 2023?

By Rent To Retirement | January 9, 2023

2022 is in the books. Did you achieve your real estate goals for the year or did something in the market scare you off (or make you wait because something better was RIGHT around the corner)? Adam Schroeder and Cori Zigman talk real estate goals for 2023: why you shouldn’t wait for the perfect time…

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Ep 139 – How a Wealth Coach and Success Coach Can Help You Reach Financial Independence

By Rent To Retirement | January 5, 2023

One of the ways we’ve seen many of our clients improve their financial situation (and be able to purchase a lot more real estate) is to utilize short term investments to grow their savings. This can be repeated and repeated until you have a continuous stream of income from these investments: “fast burning fuel”. Eventually,…

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Ep 138 – The Great Money Bubble: Protect Yourself from the Coming Inflation Storm with David Stockman

By Rent To Retirement | January 2, 2023

Inflation has been rampant for at least the last year, with many believing that the worst is behind us and we’re on our way down. David Stockman is NOT one of those with rose colored glasses on their face. He thinks we’re in for an inflation storm that is going to last years, not the…

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Ep 137 – Interest Rates in 2023: Boom or Bust or Flat?

By Rent To Retirement | December 29, 2022

2022 saw a massive shift in interest rates for properties. What started off in the low 3s (for investment properties!!!) moved up to mid-7s and is now back down to around 6%. We’ve heard people talking about the causes of it many times, but what really caused it, and have those factors been eased at…

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