Ep 17 – Mortgage Originations, Millennial Home-buying & Is the Housing Market Being Overbuilt?

By Rent To Retirement | October 31, 2021

Adam and Zach look at whether slowing originations will impact the housing market, why millennials are still having issues entering the housing market at the rates other generations have, and what KINDS of homes millennials are buying. The two also dive into the thought some “experts” have that the housing market is being overbuilt. Watch…

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Ep 16 – Growth & Construction in Southwest Florida: Why New Construction Is THE Hot Investment

By Rent To Retirement | October 27, 2021

Throughout the pandemic we’ve heard that Florida is the place to be. People all across the country, especially those in the Northeast, flocked there and have caused rents and prices to quickly rise. After all that’s happened, is there still upside to be found in the market? Believe it or not, that answer is a…

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Ep 15 – Building a Portfolio Through the Pandemic with Client Jackson

By Rent To Retirement | October 24, 2021

The pandemic in 2020 scared some people out of investing in real estate for a little while, but not Rent to Retirement’s client Jackson. He took the plunge and was able to utilize the lazy equity he’d been accumulating and start earning enough passive income to quit his second job. Hear Jackson’s tale about his…

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Ep 14 – Evaluating Your Property Management Company

By Rent To Retirement | October 20, 2021

Property management can be as important to your rental property as the actual property itself. Good management makes your life easier; bad management can make your life (and investment) a pain that you regret. Adam Schroeder and Sam go over what you should expect from your property manager, what your responsibilities are, warning signs that…

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Ep 13 – Pace of Home Sales Accelerating & Where Properties Are Available Today

By Rent To Retirement | October 17, 2021

Around 1/3 of properties are being put under contract within the first week of their listing. This is especially true in the investing world, as properties sometimes sit around for minutes, not days or weeks. Adam Schroeder talks with Rent to Retirement investment counselor David about where he’s seeing existing properties come available on a…

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Ep 12 – Good & Bad of Owning Section 8 Rentals with GUARANTEED Rental Income

By Rent To Retirement | October 13, 2021

If you’ve looked into real estate investing, you’ve heard of Section 8 housing. Many people have slightly negative feelings toward the program/residents. But that attitude is what leaves the door open for investors to make returns that are, essentially, guaranteed. Adam Schroeder talks with Jack, an expert on Section 8 rentals in Ohio, about what…

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Ep 11 – Population Migration & Florida New Construction

By Rent To Retirement | October 10, 2021

The pandemic accelerated a trend that was happening before of people moving to more accomodating states and cities. But even though things are opening up more and economies are on the rebound, people haven’t stopped their plans to move. More people than ever on are on the job hunt, looking at homes outside of their…

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Ep 10 – Mortgage Rates & Financing Available When Buying Through LLCs

By Rent To Retirement | October 7, 2021

Adam Schroeder is joined by one of Rent to Retirement’s non-conventional lenders, Kelly, to discuss what’s going on in the mortgage world this month. Adam and Kelly discuss what rates are available, how the process of buying through LLCs differs from conventional loans, Kelly’s real estate investing experience, and what the future of the real…

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Ep 9 – What to Look For in a Local Market When Buying Investment Properties

By Rent To Retirement | October 3, 2021

What to Look for In a Local Market When Buying Investment Properties Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster join us in this episode to discuss what makes a good market for investment properties.  With hundreds of local markets to choose from, finding the “right” one can be daunting. But while every market differs, there are certain…

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Ep 8 – Investing in the Akron, OH Market

By Rent To Retirement | September 29, 2021

Adam sits down with Steve, a decade long investor, as they discuss Akron, Ohio’s hot real estate market! Watch the Video Version Here ——————————————————– Wealth/Rental Calculator ——————————————————– Current Hotlist Properties

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