Ep 168 – No Money Down on Alabama Properties – 100% Financing Available on New Builds

By Rent To Retirement | April 20, 2023

Zach goes solo on today’s episode and breaks down this amazing offer we currently have. You can buy up to 5 properties in the Alabama market and not put any money down! Yes, that is 100% financing on these real estate investment properties. Listen as Zach explains how this works and what you can do…

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Ep 167 – Profit with Presence: Mindfully Creating Community | with Dr. Eric Holsapple

By Rent To Retirement | April 17, 2023

Investing in real estate while having a full time job (or even if you don’t and things go wrong) can be a very stressful part of your life. If you don’t have a good way to deal with the stress and headaches that come into your life, it can impact your life in severely negative…

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Ep 166 – Scaling Your Real Estate Portfolio, Finding Deals & Investing in Self Storage and Mobile Homes | with Jennings Smith, Jr

By Rent To Retirement | April 14, 2023

After starting his real estate journey making a nice tenant mistake, Jennings Smith kept plugging away. He had a vision to have 1,000 units in his portfolio and wasn’t going to stop until he’d achieved it. Jennings has continued his journey and now talks with Adam Schroeder about how he’s continued his journey, the importance…

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Ep 165 – Investing in Alabama New Construction for Short and Long Term Rentals

By Rent To Retirement | April 12, 2023

Alabama is a fantastic market for real estate investors. With low property taxes, business friendly environments, and population growth, it’s a great long term play. Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster are joined by the new construction team from Alabama. The group hit on all aspects of investing in new construction. From appreciation to rent growth…

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Ep 164 – Building Teams, Finding Partners & Scaling Your Portfolio | with Andres Bernal

By Rent To Retirement | April 6, 2023

Coming to the United States with $500 in his pocket and some suitcases to play professional tennis, Andres Bernal used his income to start building his real estate portfolio. Knowing that someday tennis would be in the rear view mirror and he’d need a new stream of income, Andres began buying properties around him (though…

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Ep 163 – Journey From Military to Millionaire | with David Pere

By Rent To Retirement | April 3, 2023

Many service members become landlords when they purchase a property and then get assigned to a new location, or when they purchase a duplex for their current assignment. The majority of them take advantage of the VA loan, which can give very favorable terms to buyers. After receiving some terrible advice from a lender about…

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Ep 162 – From B-1 Bombers to Real Estate Investor | with Iven Vian

By Rent To Retirement | March 30, 2023

No road to financial freedom comes without its bumps. Some are mild humps, others can knock you out. Iven Vian, co-founder and COO of Anthem Capital, Air Force Veteran, and real estate investor, joins Adam Schroeder and Zach Remaster to discuss his first deals. There was some good…there was some bad… But eventually he came…

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Ep 161 – Leaving the Workplace One Property at a Time | with Real Estate Law’s Rory Gill and Jason Muth

By Rent To Retirement | March 27, 2023

Financial freedom is the goal of nearly every real estate investor. Deciding when to leave, however, can be a complicated decision. But sometimes life chooses for you, which is the case with Rory and Jason. Jason took the plunge into full time real estate investing when things changed at his job, and has been steadily…

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Ep 160 – What the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Should Teach Real Estate Investors

By Rent To Retirement | March 23, 2023

The banking world was rocked when news of SVB’s collapse came to light. Stocks plummeted, investors feared, and the government had to step in and assure everyone that they would cover any accounts and nobody was losing any money. But what happens next time (because you KNOW there will be a next time)? Adam Schroeder…

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Ep 159 – How Much Real Estate Can Actually Save You In Taxes | with Amanda Han

By Rent To Retirement | March 20, 2023

You hear lots of talk about how real estate can save you money on taxes. But how much can it actually save you? Getting a real number can be tricky, but Zach Lemaster and Adam Schroeder talk with CPA Amanda Han about how taxes differ based on 3 different methods of investing in real estate.…

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