Ep 37 – Vetting Real Estate Syndications, Tax Benefits of Real Estate & the Power of Meetups with Alina Trigub

By Adam Schroeder | January 12, 2022

There are many different ways to invest in real estate. The most passive of investments is usually real estate syndications. But what are they and how do you actually pick which one is right for you? It’s hard enough to pick an overall market, how do you choose between the massive quantity of funds? Adam…

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Ep 36 – Am I Paying a Premium Buying Turnkey???

By Rent To Retirement | January 9, 2022

One common refrain you’ll hear about turnkey real estate is that you’re paying a “premium” of some sort. But are you really? Zach Lemaster and Adam Schroeder take on this well worn phrase to see if it holds any merit. ——————————————————– Wealth/Rental Calculator——————————————————– Current Hotlist Properties

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Ep 35 – Starting Your Investment Journey Overseas While In the Armed Forces with Client Angela

By Adam Schroeder | January 5, 2022

A lot of people are timid about investing in real estate they’ve never seen, or having managers that are out of state. But what about people who are managing their properties from another country? Angela joins Adam Schroeder to discuss how she started her investing journey while serving in the armed forces overseas. Listen to…

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Ep 34 – Setting Your Personal and Professional Goals for 2022

By Rent To Retirement | January 1, 2022

New year, new you, right? As we start another year, it’s time to take action. You know where you want to end up, you know what life you want to lead, so it’s time to start. Adam and Zach take today to discuss how to properly set goals so that you will end up succeeding.…

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BONUS EPISODE – Listener Q&A: Interest Rates, Investing in Florida and Texas, Diversifying and More!

By Rent To Retirement | December 29, 2021

This year end wrap up is a collection of questions that our listeners have brought to us when we’ve been doing live events. Your questions are even more important than the topics that we bring you here on the show because they’re what you, the investor, need to know. Listen in as the Rent to…

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Ep 33 – Overcoming Obstacles to Get Started with Real Estate

By Rent To Retirement | December 26, 2021

No is the easiest answer to give to a question. BUT, just saying no will never lead to growth and likely will never get you to where you actually want to be. So how do you overcome the urge to say “no”, get in the investor mindset, and start saying “yes”? Listen in as Adam,…

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Ep 32 – How to Create an Income Snowball to Raise Capital FAST

By Rent To Retirement | December 23, 2021

With as little as $800/mo of cash flow, you can start to expedite your capital formation. Just like a snowball, it takes a little time to get your momentum rolling, but then it gets going and can do a lot of (good) damage on its journey. Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk with Tanish Souza…

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Ep 31 – How to Invest in Real Estate Using Other People’s Money with Amy Mahjoory

By Rent To Retirement | December 19, 2021

One of the biggest issues real estate investors face is having enough capital to buy properties. But what if you didn’t have that problem? How much faster would you be able to scale? Amy Mahjoory joins Adam Schroeder to discuss how investors can start raising other people’s money successfully in as little as 3 weeks.…

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Ep 30 – How to Use Cost Segregation Studies to Offset Your Income and Pay Less Taxes

By Rent To Retirement | December 15, 2021

Depreciation is one of the great attributes to real estate investing. But what if you could ACCELERATE that depreciation and take a massive tax writeoff in year 1? Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk with their cost segregation specialist Steve to discuss what cost segregations are, how they work, and who can benefit most from…

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Ep 29 – HELOC vs Cash-Out Refinance: Which One Should You Use?

By Rent To Retirement | December 12, 2021

Eventually you’re going to want to put your lazy equity in properties to work. If you let it sit there you’re getting a 0% return, so why wouldn’t you? But what’s the best way to get to that equity? Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster break down two ways you can get your equity: a HELOC…

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