Real Estate Educational Videos

These are some of the educational real estate videos we produce on our YouTube Channel. We hope you find these both educational and entertaining!

At Rent To Retirement, we're more than just a turnkey investment company. We're educators and mentors. We believe the right real estate investment education can provide confidence to any investor.

Our videos are meant to entertain and teach both new and experienced investors. The topics range from basic real estate terminology to more advanced strategies such as the 1031 Exchange.

We upload multiple videos every week, so be sure to browse our YouTube Channel. You can subscribe to stay up to date with all our newest content.

Our Market Highlight Videos showcase some of the best real estate markets in which to invest. We offer properties in all these markets as well. Our experienced team thoroughly researches these markets. Investors know they're getting the investment returns in the best locations.


Educational Videos

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These videos cover a wide array of real estate topics. We offer insightful information to investors of all experience levels. Our content ranges from key terminology to more advanced investment strategies. There is something to offer for every investor; whether you're just starting your journey or have been an established professional in the field.

Real Estate Market Highlights

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Our Market Highlight videos are one of the unique content topics we cover. We do thorough research to find the best investment markets in the U.S. In these videos, we break down why they are such viable investment opportunities. You'll find information regarding the real estate market statistics, as well as facts about the city. Investing out of your home state has never been so achievable and easy.

Weekly Real Estate Market Recap

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The Monday Real Estate Market Weekly Recap video series is our newest content. We dive into the pertinent statistics and news of the previous week. There are several factors that can affect the real estate market. We are here to provide you a quick rundown of the latest real estate market details and data.

Podcast Hosted by Adam Schroeder


The Rent To Retirement Podcast Series is hosted by Adam Schroeder. In this series, he will cover an array of real estate investment topics. Whether he's breaking down terminology in an easy-to-digest manner or interviewing highly-esteemed professionals in the industry, there is sure to be value found in his content.

Adam starting working in the media industry in 2001. This was while he was getting his degree in radio/film/television at the University of Texas. Throughout his career, he has held the title of a local news reporter, podcast host, and producer for nationally syndicated companies such as NPR and MPR. Adam began his real estate journey in 2006, while producing a real estate radio show. His catalogue includes nearly 2,000 RE related podcasts from multiple shows. He has a passion about RE investing and is always excited to talk RE and help people start their investing journey.

New content is available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Anchor. We will be releasing brand-new content every Sunday and Wednesday. Adam also highlights some of our featured properties on the Hotlist Podcast, which is available on Apple Podcast.

Be sure to catch all of Adam's educational and entertaining content!