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627 3rd St, Onconto, WI 54153

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There is a 40% management fee for the short-term rental option (we could likely get management to do it for much less). However, if you self-manage through an app such as Airbnb or Vrbo, your returns would almost double. There are $8,400 in other expenses, which accounts for utilities, turnover, cleaning, etc. There is a 0% for vacancy since we already factored in a 55% vacancy in reduction in regards to rent estimates.  Average rents for Airbnb in the area for other 3/1s are $292. We were very conservative at $225 a night rented for 14 nights a month to come up with the numbers for rent on the proforma.

Price: $125,000

Location: 627 3rd St, Oconto, WI 54153

Type: Single Family Residence

Neighborhood Class: B+

Rent: $875/mo

Square Footage: 992

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1

Year Built: 1914

Rehab Status: August 2021

Rental Status: Marketing for Tenant

The local hospital is going to be renovated soon, and the area is quiet and well maintained. Good school district and minutes from the highway for that commute to work. Most tenants work in Green Bay but love to live here instead. Can be used as an Airbnb that would generate much higher monthly income based on vacation destination adjacent to Lake Michigan. Highly sought after area for charter fishing. We have management to do Airbnb
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Standard Turnkey Investment Proforma


Airbnb Investment Option Proforma