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The best deals are rarely found locally. Invest in the markets that offer the best returns through low home prices, high rents & a growing economy! Our turn-key properties are rehabbed, operated by professional property management with tenants in place. Enjoy all the benefits of real estate investing without all of the headache.

Return on Investment (ROI):  This allows for comparison of all types of investments across the board.  Comparing apples to apples, or say stocks to real estate.  Calculation: (Money invested/money received) on an annual basis.  Example: You pay $20,000 down for a house that gives you $2,000/year in rent (after expenses), you are receiving a 10% Cash on Cash Return (CoC ROI).  This is called cash on cash because we are only accounting for the rental income.  With real estate there are many other aspects to factor in when calculating actual return.
Cash Flow:  The monthly income received from rent after all expenses and mortgage payment are taken out.  This is the key to retiring or replacing your active income received from your job.  Cash flow from rent shows up every month whether you work or not.

Net Operating Income (NOI):  Rental income after operating expenses are taken out.  This has not subtracted the mortgage payment yet.  This would be your Cash Flow amount if you paid all cash for a property.
Cap Rate:  What the ROI would be if you paid all cash for the property.  (Annual NOI/Purchase price of home).  $7,000 year Cash Flow/$100,000 purchase price = 7% Cap Rate.  This is used more in commercial investments.  By using leverage you can exponentially increase returns through the power of leverage!