Did you know that Life Insurance can be utilized as an investment & tax strategy?

A Life Insurance Policy Can Provide:

Financial security for your family 

Tax free wealth accumulation

Leverage policy for real estate investment

Market fluctuation protection

Many other tax & investment benefits

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Rent To Retirement
Life insurance is an investment to protect the financial security of your family, of course, but were you also aware it is one of the oldest tax shelters the wealthy use to quickly build generational wealth, protect against market volatility & leverage from to invest in real estate assets?
Were you aware this can be structured without the contribution limits that an IRA or 401(k) has, but actually provides more benefits with less regulations than a retirement account?  How about the fact that you could easily position your family to have accumulated millions in net worth that can be passed on tax free by only contributing to the policy for a short period of time?

What about the fact you can use the value of your policy to help qualify for better financing options for real estate investments?  You can even be your own bank to leverage from your policy to invest in real estate while still accumulating compounding growth on the funds contributed while the capital is deployed into real estate to earn double digit returns in the real estate & the policy simultaneously.  Do you like the idea of this strategy to "double-dip" into growing your capital in multiple places at the same time?

Have you thought about a disability policy to protect the income you earn for your family in the event that you are unable to continue in your career due to a physical, mental or emotional event that impacts your ability to earn the same level of income you do now?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions it is essential that you have the most appropriate insurance policy established that both aligns with your investment goals & financial security you need! Most of us are aware that life insurance is fundamental to protect our families, but many of us are unaware of how the wealthy use life insurance from an investment & tax strategy.

Whether you have an existing policy in place, or new to learning about the numerous benefits of having a life insurance policy, it is imperative you are consulting with the appropriate professionals that fully understand your investment goals!

Setting up the correct policy for your long term financial goals is an essential way to build a comprehensive approach to providing generational wealth for your family while simultaneously maximizing your returns with minimal to no tax implications!

Schedule a free consultation, or to review your current policy with our insurance specialist & investment advisor, Chris Reid!