Our Current Investment Markets

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Our Current Markets

We operate in markets that have been  thoroughly researched and analyzed. They are chosen to provide the best investment opportunities and ROI. Investing outside of your local area is highly achievable and has never been easier! You can also take a look at each individual properties on our Inventory Page.


As most seasoned investors will tell you – you make money when you buy your property.  This is why a thorough analysis of any market is crucial to your investment success.  Every market we choose to operate in begins with a market analysis.  We are looking for the best returns, adequate cash flow, landlord friendly legislation, lower taxes, as well as the future economic and population growth of a market that we plan on investing in.  Once this is complete and we have begun investing in a market we build our local teams to receive real time data and information about the market’s trends – rents, pricing, neighborhood ratings – all come from our local teams.  In our experience, you just can’t beat “boots on the ground” when it comes to finding out more about a market.  Below are some of the markets we invest in currently, along with some of the information as to why we invest in these markets.  Investing out of state has never been easier!  Rather than build your own team from the ground up, why not work with ours to build your portfolio like many other investors have.  Be sure to check out our live inventory listing on the inventory page.