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At Rent to Retirement, we help our clients in purchasing and acquiring properties by maximizing their equity and cash flow. Whether it’s your 1st or 50th property, our experienced team will help you achieve your financial goals. You can enjoy the benefits of real estate investing at a reasonable price. Live where you choose and invest in the market that offers the best returns!

The Rent To Retirement Team

Rent To Retirement

Zach Lemaster

Founder & CEO
Zach Lemaster is the founder & CEO of Rent To Retirement. Zach is a seasoned real estate investor that has accumulated a large portfolio of rental properties across multiple markets including single family, multifamily, commercial and new construction. Zach is a licensed Optometrist who practices on a volunteer basis.

Zach started investing in real estate while working as an Optometrist & Captain for the US Air Force. This eventually allowed him to retire early from his career in medicine to be a professional investor by strategically investing in markets that maximize cash flow, appreciation & equity. Zach went on to build a successful wholesaling, flipping & management business working across multiple markets which led to the foundation for Rent to Retirement. He is passionate about educating others on the numerous benefits of real estate investing, and how to use real estate as means to create the lifestyle each person desires for their family!
Rent To Retirement

Eric Winkler

Executive Investment Strategist
Eric Winkler is an Executive Investment Strategist for Rent to Retirement, focused on evaluating and growing passive income portfolios for long-term cash flow and appreciation.

Eric has been working with entrepreneurs since 2001, he got his start in consulting through innovation. His entrepreneurial passion led to the development of a program offering entrepreneurs insight into Fortune 500 company taxation strategies. This elevated investors abilities to maximize their profits and minimize taxation.

Eric resides in Reno, Nevada and now diligently works with Rent to Retirement to ensure each client, wherever they are, has a partner to help them overcome daunting obstacles on the path to achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.



David Vanlandingham

Executive Investment Strategist
David Vanlandingham is an Executive Investment Strategist for Rent to Retirement, focused on evaluating and growing passive income portfolios for long-term cash flow and appreciation.

David has been investing in all aspects of real estate for over 17 years, with a strong emphasis on passive income.For the past 10 years, David has been an International Speaker at real estate investment conferences helping both new and seasoned real estate investors.  His role as a strategist and educator has helped thousands of investors pursue their dreams of developing enough monthly cash flow to retire.

  After residing 25 years in Las Vegas, David now calls Orlando, Florida home. As a team member of Rent To Retirement, David enjoys working with his US and International clients, mapping out their goals and helping them stay on pace to achieve them.


Rent To Retirement

Scott Lundgren

Client Relations Manager
Scott is a Client Relations Manager at Rent to Retirement. Scott truly believes that Real Estate is something that anyone can do successfully once they have the right knowledge. That is why he is passionate about teaching others how to take advantage of such an amazing asset. He understands that once a person is educated properly on how to take control of their future financially they can achieve freedom in their life that unfortunately less and less people get to experience today.

Scott's story is like many. He became tired of the rat race and wanted a better solution.  After studying many options and unsuccessful attempts, he was finally able to find someone that taught him how to take advantage of real estate investing. Now he is able to take that excitement and focus it on others so that hopefully one day they can do the same.


Rent To Retirement

Courtney Snow

RTR Broker
Courtney works as a Real Estate Broker with Rent to Retirement. She received her real estate salesperson license in Missouri and spent several years working in residential sales, relationship building and business management before receiving her Broker’s license and jumping into the real estate investment world with RTR.

Courtney is passionate about real estate & financial education. She is working diligently to make the retired life happen sooner for herself and for other people. Courtney’s long-term goal is to find financial freedom for herself and her family and to retire at an early age. She is leaning on her real estate experience and investment knowledge to help make this possible. She firmly believes real estate can change your future for the better and can set you and family up for a lifetime of success!

Rent To Retirement

Jaiden Owen

Office Manager
Jaiden is the Office Manager at Rent to Retirement. She has worked in many customer service fields throughout her career and recently fell in love with the Real Estate Investing Industry. Through Rent to Retirement, she hopes to help others on their real estate journeys achieve personal financial freedom.

She appreciates the lifestyle freedoms she can achieve through real estate and believes everyone should be able to have fun in life and enjoy spending time doing what they love. For her, that's spending time with Friends, Family, and her fur babies. Jaiden can't wait to assist you in your journey of creating your own financial freedom!

Adam Schroeder

Content Producer & Podcast Host
Adam is a content producer for Rent to Retirement and our podcast host. He starting working in the media industry in 2001. This was while he was getting his degree in radio/film/television at the University of Texas.

Throughout his career, he has held the title of a local news reporter, podcast host, and producer for nationally syndicated companies such as NPR and MPR.

Adam began his RE journey in 2006, while producing a RE radio show. His catalogue includes nearly 2,000 RE related podcasts from multiple shows. He has a passion about RE investing and is always excited to talk RE and help people start their investing journey.

The crux of RE investing for Adam is his knowledge. He hopes to provide confidence and knowledge to investors through his podcasts and videos. Adam currently resides in Austin, TX with his wife and four children.
Rent To Retirement

Samuel Hack

Content Creator
Sam is Rent to Retirements lead educational content creator. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sam quickly realized that his college education would not help him to achieve his dreams of financial freedom. After coming to this realization, he started to educated himself and grow his knowledge in investing.

While learning about investing, Sam worked pro bono at a property management company, leasing low-income apartments. There he gained priceless real estate knowledge and disovered a passion for the real estate world. He later started working in the luxury vacation rental industry in Jackson Hole, WY, where he still resides and invests. He now works as an educational content creator at Rent to Retirement and real estate agent with Berkshire Hathaway. He is excited to use his passion for real estate to help clients become successful investors and build long-term wealth along the way.

Rent To Retirement

Mark Robertson

Digital Media Specialist
Mark holds a BA with an emphasis in graphic design. He received his degree from the University of Wyoming but moved to Denver soon after graduating.

He has designed both print and digital materials for photography studios, music artists, and an array of local businesses. His experience has allowed him to explore a plethora of design media ranging from brand identities, photography catalog layouts, website elements, concert posters, and digital motion graphics. His love for aesthetics in art is what drives him to create unique and effective graphic design. However, his interest in creative solutions is not limited to art and design. Rent To Retirement's unique approach to real estate investing drew him to the company (pun totally intended) and he aspires to continue his real estate education with hopes to become a successful investor himself.
Rent To Retirement

Seth Beamer

Tech Guru
Seth holds a degree in audio engineering from the University of Colorado and has a substantial background in video and media production.

Through his career, Seth has worked on a multitude of personal and client based projects producing online content such as promotional material, music videos, events, documentaries, social media ads, and more.

His fast paced, eye catching edits continue to be his signature touch and what he’s become known for.
Rent To Retirement

Kira Hebert

Marketing Director
Kira is a real estate marketing specialist and newly licensed broker! She has worked for five years in real estate and has a strong passion for the industry. She has always been a business minded entrepreneur by nature and recently finished her MBA and started a real estate digital marketing agency.

She enjoys helping partners and clients gain exposure, improve their digital marketing strategies and reach their real estate goals. She fell in love with real estate investing while traveling and living abroad over many years and hope to replicate a similar freedom lifestyle through it!

Rent To Retirement

Chris Reid

Insurance Specialist
Chris is a chartered financial & investment advisor with a background in life insurance. Chris is an expert in the insurance industry assisting clients in having the most appropriate life & disability insurance policies in place to protect their hard earned wealth & families financial security! He educates clients on how to use life insurance policies as an investment for long term market fluctuation protection, tax shelter & options to leverage their policy to invest in real estate!

Although a non-traditional route to finance, Chris’ investment career started with buying Trimble Navigation stock with paper route money at age 14. Since that time Chris has been through the dot-com and housing bubbles, managed millions of dollars, 401k plans, crypto currencies, and acquired, invested in, and managed millions of dollars of real estate investments ranging from multi-family to adult family homes. Chris is motivated every day to help make a positive change in the life of people he cares about and his community.

Chris's passion for helping others, let him to start Presidio Financial Group. Presidio specializes in building insurane policies with the top companies. They have helped people invest millions into this strategy and are able to access the best available products.


Rent To Retirement

Cort Christie

NCH Founder | Investment Counselor
Cort Christie is the founder Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. (NCH) which assists real estate investors with establishing businesses and legal entities to protect their investments. NCH also provides an array of services to RTR clients including real estate specific tax planning, establishing business credit, investing through a SDIRA/solo 401(k) along with many other services to set our clients up for success as they build their real estate empire! NCH is a proud partner of RTR to coach clients on business formation and long-term legal and financial planning.

Within his 30+ years of experience, Cort Christie has pioneered the processes and systems required for effectively establishing and protecting real estate investors throughout the U.S. His advice and direction have provided hundreds of thousands of investors with complex entity structures and legal protection. Cort Christie is a board member of the Nevada Registered Agent Association, as well as a board member of the Community Services Agency in Reno, NV. Cort Christie has a BA in Finance from the University of Minnesota, Duluth and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He currently resides in Reno, NV with his family.


The Administrative Wheels Behind it All!

Our outstanding admin team has extensive background in helping to prepare our clients in all necessary steps to build a successful long term investment portfolio.  They educate clients on the various financing options available based on their individual needs, and put together portfolio evaluations to easily understand all the numbers associated in acquiring a long term portfolio.  Our admin team will review our investment purchase checklist on our website with you to ensure you fully understand each step throughout the process of acquiring a rental property, and what is expected on your end.  As you engage with everyone throughout the process you will soon learn that we take a team approach at Rent To Retirement to ensure our investors are covering all the necessary aspects required to build a successful, sustainable rental portfolio to achieve your financial goals, and build long term wealth.

Rent To Retirement

Mirasol Aniñon

Administrative Manager
Rent To Retirement

Katie Cruz

Administrative Assistant
Rent To Retirement

Jovy Abarrientos

Administrative Assistant