The Rent To Retirement Podcast

Hosted by Adam Schroeder


The Rent To Retirement Podcast Series is hosted by Adam Schroeder. In this series, he will cover an array of real estate investment topics. Whether he's breaking down terminology in an easy-to-digest manner or interviewing highly-esteemed professionals in the industry, there is sure to be value found in his content.

Adam starting working in the media industry in 2001. This was while he was getting his degree in radio/film/television at the University of Texas. Throughout his career, he has held the title of a local news reporter, podcast host, and producer for nationally syndicated companies such as NPR and MPR. Adam began his real estate journey in 2006, while producing a real estate radio show. His catalogue includes nearly 2,000 RE related podcasts from multiple shows. He has a passion about RE investing and is always excited to talk RE and help people start their investing journey.

New content is available on Apple PodcastGoogle PodcastsSpotifyRadioPublicBreakerPocket Casts, and Anchor. We will be releasing brand-new content every Sunday and Wednesday. Adam also highlights some of our featured properties on the Hotlist Podcast, which is available on Apple Podcast.

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Am I Paying a Premium Buying Turnkey? 
Originally Aired on: 01/09/22

One common refrain you’ll hear about turnkey real estate is that you’re paying a “premium” of some sort. But are you really?

Zach Lemaster and Adam Schroeder take on this well worn phrase to see if it holds any merit.

Starting Your Investment Journey Overseas While in the Armed Forces
Originally Aired on: 01/05/22

A lot of people are timid about investing in real estate they’ve never seen, or having managers that are out of state. But what about people who are managing their properties from another country?

Angela joins Adam Schroeder to discuss how she started her investing journey while serving in the armed forces overseas. Listen to her incredible story and see that getting started doesn’t have to be a scary (or full time) proposition.

Setting Your Personal & Professional Goals for 2022
Originally Aired on: 01/02/22

New year. New you. Right?

As we start another year, it’s time to take action. You know where you want to end up, you know what life you want to lead, so it’s time to start.

Adam and Zach take today to discuss how to properly set goals so that you will end up succeeding. It’s time to break your goals into manageable chunks, write them down, tell people about them, and accomplish them.