Do you want to learn how to raise 6-figures or more in a few weeks to scale your REI portfolio or business? Or 7-figures or more in a few months? With this approach, you can do this without having to chase down investors and capital. Start having them come to you!

The Money Partner Formula is for active real estate investors who want to do more deals and scale their portfolios with Other People’s Money (OPM) by using smart marketing to attract money partners instead of chasing them. We typically work with real estate investors who have self-financed their properties so far and have these problems:

Run out of cash / credit

​Hate the idea of ‘sales'

Are stuck between the balancing act of work, family, managing and growing their portfolio

​​Would rather outsource the Tech stuff than figure it out

​Don’t know how to start raising money

​​Aren’t sure who they should approach

​​Don’t want to take on yet ‘another job’, doing capital marketing

​​Are unsure about how best to show deals to investors

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Dave Dubeau - Creator of the Money Partner Formula

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Testimonials from Real Clients

We were able to raise $440,000 which is what we needed to close on that deal…it’s mind blowing…mind blowing!
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-Mark Onaba

Since working with you we raised $450,000 for one project and … $550,000 for another Self Storage investment. Now we are doing a CAD $1.5 million equity raise…So the techniques and tips work.

-Paul Reynolds & Jon Wyles

I did what you recommended to do…it was my first presentation so I was a little more informal. He asked a lot of questions and by the end he was really happy and excited…(and he’s going to invest) $200,000! This works!

-Bruno Jury

One thing that worked really well for me was the PowerPoint presentation. I did what he said, I plugged my information into it, I followed his tips and I went and had a meeting with an investor. They were more than impressed…I got an investor eagerly on board along with all of her friends!

-Brendan Skilton-Douglas

I’m fairly new to real estate investing and I found it was taking a lot of time to get this going…but now, bam-bam-bam things are just happening and I’m rolling and …I couldn’t have done that by myself. To me, this was the best investment I could have made.”

-Melanie Kinch

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