Syndication & Private Lending Opportunities!

Are you interested in being the bank to lend capital on investment opportunities that pay double digit returns?
Not wanting to buy another rental property in today's crazy market?

Rent To Retirement is offering both short & long term private lending opportunities that give you multiple options of timeline, ROI & capital investment to fit everyone's need in the private lending space.  The most truly passive way to invest is to be a lender with an established team that has a track record of performance!

Most syndications require investors to tie up their capital for 5+ years with little control in the investment as they invest alongside hundreds of other investors.  We have BETTER options for you!

Typical ROI ranges between 8% to 15% based on the opportunity, capital amount invested and timeline.

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Here are some options we offer that allow you to have quick access to your capital while still achieving an outstanding ROI to beat inflation.

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Investment Options:
-Minimum investment as low as $50k.
-Option to call your capital back as quickly as 90 days notice!  This is huge as it provides the ability to keep your capital liquid as other investments come up, but still achieves a high ROI on your capital!
-Long term options available to achieve a higher ROI.
-Partner with us on value add deals to learn the foundations of private lending & larger project investing.
-Participate in multiple investments to learn what fits your goals the best!
-Fixed interest payments monthly to provide passive income.
-Secured options backed by physical property notes with equity!
-Average ROI 8%-15% depending on investment structure!

We can tailor a specific lending program to meet your goals and criteria of timeline, capital amount, ROI & security on physical properties.

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