to Reduce Tax Liabilities

Be a more savvy investor by using real estate investing strategies to reduce your tax liability.

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We recommend everyone starts with an initial tax review of your situation with a detailed report showing areas where you may have missed tax savings & how to plan for future savings.  This is performed by our preferred tax strategists JCA who have saved many clients 6 figures of tax savings!  JCA will review your current tax situation, suggest specific areas of improvement & help you plan how to increase future savings.  Most everyone is missing something & paying additional tax that may not be necessary!  Real Estate specific CPAs are available as well if you need filing assistance.


1) Fill out initial Tax Review & pay RTR Exclusive $97 rate (normally $497) to JCA Tax Solutions.

2) Submit your latest tax return & supporting documents needed.

3) Receive a Tax Summary Report of suggestions for current & future tax strategies to reduce tax liability.

4) Schedule a strategy call with JCA Tax Solutions to review the report, answer questions & plan for future tax savings!

Start Your Initial Tax Review

Average clients receive 5 and 6 figure tax reductions!

  • Outlines areas where you have left money on the table
  • Includes the IRS code and requirements
  • Learn the benefits of Tax Planning vs. Tax Preparation
  • Reviews hundreds of strategies and their combinations

Disclaimer: Rent To Retirement is not directly giving tax advice or consulting services. This tax review is provided by a third party service - JCA Tax Solutions. We always suggest consulting with a licensed professional for tax advice.

Watch our Podcast episode with
our Preferred Tax Strategists Jim & Lorraine


You can also listen to the audio podcast by CLICK HERE

In This Video, You'll Learn:


- Creating tax-free growth with your REI
- Tax Benefits ALL RE Investors should be taking advantage of
- What qualifies as a tax deduction
- The importance of having the right CPA but also a tax advisor 
- How to qualify as a RE Professional
- What is a Cost Segregation Study
- Different types of Depreciation
- Business deductions for children
- Capital Gains
- Charitable Trusts for Retirement Planning
- The 1031 Exchange
- Leveraging Other People's Money (OPM) tax-free
- IRA Investing
- Tax-free Cash Flow


Segments from the Podcast Video

Watch the segment on How to Use RE to Save for Your Child's Future. In this segment, Jim, Lorrain, Adam, and Zach discuss how you can actually put your children on payroll for your RE properties. This tax strategy can help save valuable money for your child's college fund or other future endeavors!

This segment discusses the main benefits of real estate investing and why it is the best strategy for long-term wealth and dependable investment income.

This segment discusses the breaks down OPM or Other People's Money. Learn how to utilize this savvy technique to both obtain capital for investments and get other people an ROI on their money.

Cost segregation studies are the highlight in this podcast segment. Zach, Jim, and Lorraine break down what exactly it is and how it can be use to maximize your investment strategy goals!

This segment discusses capital gains taxes. Learn the importance of capital gains taxes and how this needs to be managed for your real estate investment portfolio.

This segment discusses the Charitable Lead Authority Trust or CLAT. Learn how this trust can help you reduce or minimize taxes on your real estate investments!

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