The Wealth Calculator Solution Tool allows you, as an investor, to track a small number of rental properties quickly and easily by utilizing several Excel files. This solution is comprised of 5 property specific files, and a single rollup file that will bring all the data together for you to see your entire portfolio performance in one place along with individual property performance.

Please make sure to read the instruction sheet on how to use & interpret these appropriately.

The three downloadable files below are designed to be used together.  The Download Wealth Calculator Help Sheet provides direction and assistance with using the Wealth Calculator Solution Tool.

This can be used to illustrate a portfolio of 5 properties purchased in 2022 and run out projections for 35 years.

This set of files can be used to start filling info for up to 5 properties, then see the same info run out for 35 years.

This explains how to use the Template for the Wealth Calculator.

The Rental Calculator Tool is designed for a simplified evaluation of a single property.

Rent To Retirement

This checklist is a tool we recommend
reviewing when purchasing a rental property
that walks you through necessary steps that
should be taken for each rental.

Checklist for Purchasing a Rental Property